We settled for "INSTANT" because that's as fast as it gets. 

Instant ARV

AFTER REPAIRED VALUE is what a property would appraise for in excellent or perfect condition. HIT does real time ARV

Compalator â„¢

HIT's exclusive COMPALATORâ„¢ puts you in CONTROL of the comps.- Drag and drop the relevant comps so you control the value 

Power CMA

COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS is the standard in "price-per-foot" analysis. HIT floods the CMA with data and you pick them

As-Is Market Average

MARKET AVERAGE is the middle tier or properties that are lived in and it shows. MA is a possible fall back from ARV


WHOLESALE is the bottom of the market on MLS - out three miles and back as far as a year. WHSLE is the bottom of the range. 

Fact Based Rents

No Speculation in HIT's forecast of rents. HIT reaches out for Leased properties- finds the high and low similar properties.