Tools to Analyze your deals

Search & Source 

Search is the core of HITs environment and is not a "drip campaign." It's an "open-the-nozzle-and-flood-your-plate" with investment grade properties campaign. Get your seat belt on. 

Buy & Flip  

If your exit strategy is to Buy Low, Sell High or, in a word, Buy & Flip, then HIT's calculator shows you exactly where to bid to hit your ROI. No more second guessing - deal or no deal. Period 

Buy & Hold 

IF you prefer or want to decide if keeping "this one" as a lease property, HIT's Buy and Hold calculator floods you with the data and calcs to settle the debate the first time. Yes or No.

Repair Calculator 

Every property is different - however what it takes to repair is often very similar. HIT houses repair libraries to auto fill as your discretion. You can change globally or on individual properties 

Watch List 

Watch is the work horse for saved properties. Pull any property aside with a simple click and as things change for it or the surrounding market it will flow to Watch and to you. Watch done right

Notes & Tutorials        

Keeping Notes on Values and Repairs is automatic with HIT's Auto Fill Notes. HIT floods the pages with easy to access video tutorials that are clearly marked.