How HIT happened and why. 

Tried to avoid having a section on how this app was developed; preferred it to be stand alone. Telling the story suggested  statement about me and somehow that seems like it takes the spot light off the app . The app deserves some words about its history, what it attempts to do and why. No question I am the Founder, Chief Cook-bottle washer and main Kahuna. There is a relationship and its tough to separate its story from me   - The story might help understand what HIT is about - I'll try to keep my part to a minimum.  

Real Estate apps are starting to dot the horizon. Real estate Practitioners have a been all over the Internet for the past 20 years and done well. Real Estate Show Cases flood the internet for Listings and the People behind them - basically Digital Billboards that capture leads at best.  Apps are a whole new level of play – apps perform tasks  to enhance the information and the experience or deliver analysis. The user gets more than pretty pictures - they get actual tasks being performed, analysis for particular properties as well as market areas.  The next generation of transaction will be driven by real estate apps. They are already finding their way into transactions to the point that delivering a better experience involves more than pretty pictures. 

I hope you like this app. I have even bigger plans if we catch enough of a market to press forward - because Apps are the Future and HIT is a giant step in that direction. 

Break away from Old School Fuzzy Math - be a part of HIT

No question HIT is not for everyone - its for everyone who wants to be in the know. Knowing before you bid is the new normal. Be right. Be ready. Be a part of the next generation of investor today with HIT.