Built to Close Deals

Tools to Analyze your deals

The data and tools you need to make better buying decisions - in one place.

  • Search & Source

    Search is the core of HITs environment and is not a "drip campaign." It's an "open-the-nozzle-and-flood-your-plate" with investment grade properties campaign. Get your seat belt on. 

  • Buy & Hold

    If you prefer or want to decide if keeping "this one" as a lease property, HIT's Buy and Hold calculator floods you with the data and calcs to settle the debate the first time. Yes or No.

  • Watch List

    Watch is the work horse for saved properties. Pull any property aside with a simple click and as things change for it or the surrounding market it will flow to Watch and to you. Watch done right

  • Buy & Flip

    If your exit strategy is to Buy Low, Sell High or, in a word, Buy & Flip, then HIT's calculator shows you exactly where to bid to hit your ROI. No more second guessing - deal or no deal. Period

  • Repair Calculator

    Every property is different - however what it takes to repair is often very similar. HIT houses repair libraries to auto fill as your discretion. You can change globally or on individual properties

  • Notes & Tutorials

    Keeping Notes on Values and Repairs is automatic with HIT's Auto Fill Notes. HIT floods the pages with easy to access video tutorials that are clearly marked.

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