After Repaired Value

ARV is Vital to Profit

After Repaired Value - or "ARV" - is what a property will appraise for if it is in excellent condition. It is a series of calculations that simply compare properties of similar footage and year built and adjusts the comps for the differences.

Inside ARV 


A solid definition of ARV is what a property would appraise for in perfect condition. That doesn't address how this is done- this is how it works.


Specs on How ARV is done 


There are specific rules on how each of the fields are treated in order to determine a predictive value. It runs with market behavior - that's the thing that catches your eye.   

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ARV is tricky business. Get Instant ARV


The Compalator™ is a drag and drop comp-calculator using sales comparison approach to value.

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Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) 

Comparative Market Analysis is a standard bearer for quick down and dirty on any particular "market" area. HIT delivers "instant" CMA and you control the comps used.

Sourced and Transparent 

Open the CMA TAB and in an efficient and meaningful way every comp within a one mile radius. We simplify it but added pull downs for everything you want to know and then some. 

Stop waiting on a CMA - get it Instantly with HIT!  

If you are used to using CMAs you are going to love HIT's version. . Stop waiting on anyone particularly a CMA - get what you need right now so you can evaluate whether its a go or no go. 

As-Is Average

All the Relevant Comps 

First things first: Filter out the Relevant comps to compare oranges to oranges to not skew the results Good Comps

Rate each comp  to your Property 

Good comp, Bad Comp. We rate comps for you on four simple quadrants. Proximity. Year Built, Gross Living Area and Close date 

Whole market in a glance 

Context for every property  - totals including superior, equal and inferior for easy selection from the rest

Why spend your days waiting for comps, looking at comps?

Spend time doing the things that make you money -

like finding new properties - not running comps.

Wholesale (WHLS) 

To round off HIT's values we look for the bottom of the market to find distress sales that have sold in the past year. We reach out as far as three miles in the past year and seek alternative comps too those used on ARV and MA that graze across the bottom of the market - distress sales or, at minimum discounted sales that MLS shows to be the bottom. Instant "Fact Based" Wholesale 

Get Access to the WHOLE MARKET and the BOTTOM TOO!

Break away from the Old School Narrow vision of the market - having a clear bottom sets the context for "worst case scenario" based on "distress" or, at minimum, "quick sales." 

Fact-Based Rents

We Deliver Real Time, Fact Based Leased Data

HIT stays with the Fundamentals, it stays with the Data. Big Data has all kinds of algorithms to predict rents and they are reasonably reliable. But why rely on a formula when you have Leased Data? HIT stays with the data - searches out to find similar properties, gets the high and low rent and splits the difference. Fundamentals..  

Simple Approach: Use Leased Comps to Predict Rent. Go figure 

Help yourself to Leased Data and apply any model you want.

HIT stays with the Basics, with the core Fundamentals.

Start Now and get the facts up close and personal.

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