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Close Profitable Deals Faster With Less Guessing

Leverage decades of construction & real estate investing experience with a simple to use app. Find and analyze deals using ARV (After Repaired Value) - what a property will appraise for in excellent condition - and know your profit BEFORE you buy!

Most People Think They Make Money When They Sell The House

Pros Know They Make Money When They BUY the House

It doesn't matter what price you sell a home for in the Real Estate Investment game. If you put more money in than you get out - you lose. There is the home cost, repair cost, cost to borrow money, opportunity cost, your time, the time it takes to sell the home, closing costs on both sides of the transaction and more!


Know all the numbers BEFORE you buy so that you can make a profitable decision every time.

Break away from Old School Fuzzy Math - be a part of HIT​

No question HIT is not for everyone - it's for investors who want the advantage of investor insights. That means knowing all of the costs up front so you'renot surprised later. Be a part of the next generation of investing today with HIT.

Built to Close Deals

Tools to Analyze your deals

The data and tools you need to make better buying decisions - in one place.

  • Search & Source

    Search is the core of HITs environment and is not a "drip campaign." It's an "open-the-nozzle-and-flood-your-plate" with investment grade properties campaign. Get your seat belt on. 

  • Buy & Hold

    If you prefer or want to decide if keeping "this one" as a lease property, HIT's Buy and Hold calculator floods you with the data and calcs to settle the debate the first time. Yes or No.

  • Watch List

    Watch is the work horse for saved properties. Pull any property aside with a simple click and as things change for it or the surrounding market it will flow to Watch and to you. Watch done right

  • Buy & Flip

    If your exit strategy is to Buy Low, Sell High or, in a word, Buy & Flip, then HIT's calculator shows you exactly where to bid to hit your ROI. No more second guessing - deal or no deal. Period

  • Repair Calculator

    Every property is different - however what it takes to repair is often very similar. HIT houses repair libraries to auto fill as your discretion. You can change globally or on individual properties

  • Notes & Tutorials

    Keeping Notes on Values and Repairs is automatic with HIT's Auto Fill Notes. HIT floods the pages with easy to access video tutorials that are clearly marked.

After Repaired Value

ARV is Vital to Profit

After Repaired Value - or "ARV" - is what a property will appraise for if it is in excellent condition. It is a series of calculations that simply compare properties of similar footage and year built and adjusts the comps for the differences.

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